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Sports Injury Physiotherapy in NW Calgary, Professional Sports Physiotherapist

Sports Injury Physiotherapy in NW Calgary

Sports are an important part of life for many people. Unfortunately, injuries sometimes occur in pursuing athletic excellence and can derail a person’s goals and ambitions. Fortunately, sports physiotherapy in NW Calgary is available at Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage in NW Calgary to assist athletes with their recovery. With experienced sports physiotherapists specializing in sports-related injury rehabilitation, this facility provides those looking to get back on the field or court with the support they need.

What Patient And Injury Type Does Sports Physiotherapy Help?

Sports physiotherapy in NW Calgary at Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage helps patients with a variety of sports injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, and concussions. It can also be used to aid in the prevention of future injury as well as rehabilitation after an injury has occurred. Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic’s sports physiotherapists in NW Calgary are trained to evaluate the body part affected by the injury and create individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs.

This may include stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, manual therapy techniques such as massage or joint mobilizations, balance training drills, core stability work, and postural retraining. They may also prescribe assistive devices such as braces or crutches for added support during activities of daily living.

With help from a knowledgeable sports physiotherapist who understands how to properly assess and treat sports injuries, patients can recover quickly and safely so they can get back to their sport or activity of choice with confidence, and we are master in it.

How We Treat Sports Injuries at Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage?

Treating sports injuries can be like fixing a broken piece of machinery. You need to identify the problem, assess it and then use the right tools and techniques to fix it.
At Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage in NW Calgary, we understand that treating your injury requires more than just rest. That’s why we offer an array of treatment modalities tailored specifically for each individual patient’s needs, including exercise therapy, manual therapy, electrotherapy, and therapeutic taping.
Our team of sports physiotherapists is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating sports injuries so you can get back on the field or court quickly with minimal pain and discomfort.

We provide comprehensive rehabilitation plans which focus on restoring movement as well as strength and flexibility, allowing you to become better prepared for any sport-related event or activity. With Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage’s help, you will soon be able to return to your favorite activities without worrying about further injury!

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What Are Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage’s Goals?

At Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage, our approach to treating sports injuries is comprehensive and tailored to the individual. We develop a rehabilitation program that includes physical therapy techniques such as stretching, strengthening exercises, and manual therapies like massage and joint mobilization.
Our rehabilitation goals are focused on reducing pain, restoring function, improving range of motion, and returning the patient to their pre-injury level of activity. To achieve these objectives, we use evidence-based interventions such as exercise prescription, manual therapy techniques including soft tissue manipulation or joint mobilization, therapeutic modalities like ultrasound or electrical stimulation treatments, education about injury prevention strategies for athletes and clients alike, and advice for safe self-management at home.
Ultimately our aim is always to get the best outcomes for our patients so they can enjoy better health and performance.

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How We Track The Progress And Outcomes?

Tracking progress and outcomes during sports injury physiotherapy is akin to a long journey. At Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage in NW Calgary, we carefully plot the path of each patient’s rehabilitation with meticulous attention to detail.
As part of this process, our team regularly monitors the progress made towards goals such as improved function, reduced pain, and successful return to sports activities. To do so, patients often complete questionnaires regarding their current level of functioning that are reviewed by our skilled team members.
We compare pre-treatment imaging results, such as MRI scans or x-rays, against post-treatment images to assess improvements in physical condition. Our sports therapists in NW Calgary also use specialized tools like strength tests to determine treatment efficacy. Through these measures, we can gain a better understanding of how well they have responded to treatment over time and make adjustments when necessary.

Prevention Strategies We Guide To Avoid Sports Injuries?

At Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage, we strive to ensure that all of our clients avoid sports injuries in the future. We provide education on proper technique and form for any sport or activity they may be participating in. This education helps them understand how their body should move and teaches them ways to properly handle the physical demands of the sport.
We also work with each client to develop strength and conditioning programs tailored specifically to their needs. These individualized plans help improve performance while keeping them safe from injury.
Also, we offer exercises designed to strengthen weak areas, which can reduce risk factors associated with sports injuries. With this comprehensive approach, our sports physiotherapists at Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage in NW Calgary are able to equip every one of our clients with the tools necessary for a successful career in sports without fear of suffering an injury.

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I have found that sports injury physiotherapy at Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage in NW Calgary is a great option for recovering from sports injuries. With the right treatment plan, I was able to see results within just a few weeks of starting my program. Insurance often covers these treatments, and there are no age limitations on who can receive them. During my treatment, I was asked to do various exercises, which helped me recover more quickly.
In addition to sports injury physiotherapy, they also offer massage therapy services that help prevent future injuries from occurring. If you’re looking for relief from your own sports-related aches and pains, don’t hesitate to reach out to Nolan Hill Physiotherapy & Massage today!

Q: How Quickly Can I Expect To See Results?

A: It’s common to wonder how quickly you can expect results when it comes to physiotherapy treatments for sports injuries. On average, patients typically start seeing improvements in their condition within the first few sessions of treatment. So while your individual experience may vary, with proper care and dedication, you’ll likely be back on the field or court before you know it!

Q: Does Insurance Cover Sports Injury Physiotherapy Treatments?

A: Insurance coverage for sports injury physiotherapy treatments varies. It’s important to ask your insurance provider specifics about what they cover and how much they will reimburse you before beginning any treatment plan. Your provider may also require a referral from a doctor or other health professional in order to approve the costs associated with treating an injury sustained while playing sports.

Q: Are There Any Age Limitations On Who Can Receive Sports Injury Physiotherapy?

When it comes to receiving sports injury physiotherapy treatments, age can be a factor. Depending on the particular treatment and provider, there may be an upper or lower limit as to who is eligible. Generally speaking; however, most providers accept patients of all ages regardless of how severe their injury is. With that said, it’s important for those seeking out this type of therapy to do their research beforehand in order to ensure they’re getting the best care possible.

Q: What Type Of Exercises Will I Be Asked To Do During My Treatment?

A: Exercises are an important part of the treatment of sports injuries. During your physiotherapy session, you can expect to be asked to do a variety of exercises. These could include stretching, strengthening and balance activities that target the affected area and help improve flexibility, strength, range of motion and coordination. Your therapist will tailor the exercises according to your individual needs and abilities so they are most effective in helping you recover from your injury.

What Our Clients Say


Michelle Buchanan
Michelle Buchanan
Definitely 5 star review worthy. I was referred by a friend and even though I live in the NE I came here and kept coming. The results were fantastic. My knee was so painful that it kept me awake. One treatment with Santosh had me sleeping 😴. Further treatments minimized the pain allowing me to take up my activities once again. They are definitely my physiotherapists. Got acupuncture too and they have chiropractic and massage services as well. Definitely recommend.
Phebe Khoury
Phebe Khoury
Amazing stuff very knowledgeable and helped me through my injury. highly recommend
adrian gomez
adrian gomez
Santosh’s team provided me the best care. All forms of therapy were considered. Thank you so much, though my treatment still in progress, I can feel that I’m gradually improving.
Bankole Peters
Bankole Peters
I had a good experience for my back treatment. The staff were polite, and the physiotherapist helped resolve the pain I felt.
serg jay
serg jay
Excellent service would recommend it to anyone with my eyes closed Santosh is very diligent and helpful as well as the rest of the staff 5 starts plus for them good job keep it up!!!!
It is a great experience for me here at Nolan Hill. The staff are very caring and gentle and truly concerned about your recovery from your injuries. The therapists all take their time with treating your injuries fully. They are very flexible and work with you to promote optimal healing. It’s a definite 5!
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel
Nolan Hill Physiotherapy has been a fantastic experience. All the staff are friendly, knowledgable, and competent. The physiotherapy I am receiving through this clinic has truly helped me on my journey to healing. The staff are very caring, gentle, and very thorough with the treatments they offer. The physiotherapists do not rush you through your treatments and they focus on treating you fully. They work around your schedule and make sure you get proper treatment!
Jalaj Srivastava
Jalaj Srivastava
Dear Santosh and Garima, Thank-you for the excellent treatment you gave me and my family during the past few visits at your wonderful clinic in NW Calgary. At your clinic, not only was the treatment excellent, but also the atmosphere of kindness and care was very impressive.The professionalism you extended to us, making us comfortable was very impressive. Your staff was timely, courteous, informative, respectful and competent. Congratulations on offering unparalleled patient care and service at Nolan Hill Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic. I would highly recommend and encourage family and friends to use the services offered at your clinic Well done!
Josh (Josh)
Josh (Josh)
Fantastic team ran by Santosh. Highly recommend. I come here for physio, acupuncture and massage. Lovely lot. Desjardins insurance very easy to use.

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